Marlene Dumas


Marlene Dumas on Marijke van Warmerdam

Marijke makes me look up
when I want to look down.
While I sleep with yesterday
she dances with tomorrow.

Carravagio might paint no sky
but men do cry and wonder why,
the Divine made no sign
when Lucy lost her eyes.

Marijke van Warmerdam | Tomorrow. First published in M+M Marlene Dumas, Marijke van Warmerdam, (cat.), Montevergini | BAWAG Foundation, Siracuse, Italy | Wien, Osterreich, 2005; and included in Marlene Dumas, Sweet Nothings. Notes and Texts | On Others, second edition (revised and expanded) Koenig Books London, 2014.

p.s. Exhibiting in Dangerous Places. 
In Sicily you have to watch out for the mafia, in Vienna you have to watch out for the Freudians …